Stamp Of Approval

Stamp Of Approval - Kids

“We grew up on a farm, rather isolated… when we were bored, my little brother would volunteer to be the subject of our … experiments. Here he is covered in the Publisher’s Clearing House stamps.”

(submitted by Kim)

In Kids • February 8th, 2016 • 2 Comments »

Pictures Of You

Pictures Of You - Family Portrait

“I am the youngest. My brother was a nerd. My sister thought she was Robert Smith.”

(submitted by Darren)

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Shrooming - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“This is hanging in my cousin’s house. They hired a new family photographer that year and thought this was a great idea.”

(submitted by Joanna)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • February 4th, 2016 • 1 Comment »

Five Kids One Haircut

Five Kids One Haircut - Family Portrait

“This picture was a free session done at our local bank.  When they asked how many copies we wanted to order, our Mom laughed.  She was surprised we didn’t break the camera!”

(submitted by Rese)

In Family Portrait • February 3rd, 2016 • Add A Comment »

The Kid Stays In The Picture

The Kid Stays In The Picture - Siblings

“It was my girls’ dance recital night. Their older brother is peeking around the tree. He hates when other people are getting attention and he’s not. It was killing him that he wasn’t asked to be in this picture.”

(submitted by Julie)

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Siblings

“My sister is definitely going to hate me for this.”

(via source)

In Siblings • February 1st, 2016 • Add A Comment »

My Whole Life Is A Lie

My Whole Life Is A Lie - Christmas

“The year my sister told me Santa isn’t real.”

(via source)

In Christmas • February 1st, 2016 • Add A Comment »
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