Wedding: The Gathering

Wedding: The Gathering - Couples

“My sister is getting married. This is her save-the-date.”

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The Accidental Yin-Yang

The Accidental Yin-Yang - Siblings

“My identical twin and I. Honestly these outfits weren’t planned. It was just a weird twin moment. It happens a lot.”

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Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love - Family Portrait

“My sister and I were about 20 and 22, and our little brother would have been about 15. We went to get family portraits taken and the photographer made us pose like this. My sister joked that our little brother smelled like farts, like he’d been “trapped in a room with 100 people farting for 100 minutes.”  This is now a family classic.”

(submitted by Kirstin)

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Catch Of The Day

Catch Of The Day - Dad

“My brother and I were so proud of the fish we caught with our Dad.  Look at the size of it!”

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Special Friend

Special Friend - Siblings

“My younger brother brought a girl  to family dinner for the first time.”

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Side Eye

Side Eye - Black And White

“Over 60 years ago, my parents had a picture done professionally of my two older sisters and me. This was one of the “proofs” they received. My two older sisters have now passed. I showed this to a friend who sent me one of your cards and suggested I send this to you. My middle sister had no idea why she had the ‘sideways’ eyes, but it has brought a lot of humor to our family for many years.”

(submitted by Mary)

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Little Sister, CPA

Little Sister, CPA - Kids

“My little sister smiling sweetly before she did all the other fourth graders’ taxes.”

(submitted by Renee)

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