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The 60’s

The Battle of Caravan

“Here’s our family holiday from 1969 in a caravan park in England. I’m in the front while my brothers are in a nasty scuffle on the ground behind me, while a man appears to be kidnapping a child in the background. The sixties were wild.”

(submitted by IG @trevordickinson

Hitting The Skids

“I came across this gem going through old family pictures handed down to me. That’s my grandmother and mother with a distant relative and his son and daughter. My uncle is on the far right hiding from the camera.”

(submitted by Trevor) 

Queen Bee

“My husband found this absolutely incredible picture of his grandmother’s brother and sister-in-law. And her hair.”

(submitted by IG @e.p.holcomb

Smoke Signals

“My father teaching his younger sister how to smoke while his mum is looking on.”

(submitted by IG @allysonseaborn

The Original Tan Mom

“My mother was so tan, she looked like a member of a different family. On another note, our dog ‘Snowball’ seemed pleased.”

(submitted by IG @douglaswrightmeyer

Baby In Back

“No seat belts, four kids and the baby just tossed In the back of our 60s Rambler station wagon. Because that’s how we rolled back then.”

(submitted by IG @elainekcory

The Wedding Part II

“This is from our mother’s second wedding day. My new stepsister in the middle and my sister on the left. See how excited we all are?”

(submitted by IG @betsyb42

Hive Mind

“This is my grandmother and my dad in the late 1960s. Apparently grandma’s hair was very stylish at the time.”

(submitted by IG @grace_christinaa

The Famtastic Four

“This is my dad, on the very far right, and his siblings in 1963.”

(submitted by IG @em.jay___

Grad Photo Redux

“Here is my sister Jan’s graduation photo in 1968 at 18, and a redo that we did in 2014 at 64.”

1968 photo by Adam’s Photography

2014 photo by Curt Alexander

(submitted by IG @edwoodham)