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The 60’s

Be Our Guest

“My extended family in the mid 60s. Great uncle, grandma, aunt, Ann, Nanny, and my cousins. What a festive group!”

(submitted by IG @gigihome

Smoke Signals

“My father teaching his younger sister how to smoke while his mum is looking on.”

(submitted by IG @allysonseaborn

Hive Mind

“This is my grandmother and my dad in the late 1960s. Apparently grandma’s hair was very stylish at the time.”

(submitted by IG @grace_christinaa

Knives Out

“My brother cutting his birthday cake in 1967. Times were different then.”

(submitted by IG @ricericebaby142

Bottle Service

“My dad, me, and a beer bottle resting on my face. This was how he liked to hold me.”

(submitted by Lanny)

The Famtastic Four

“This is my dad, on the very far right, and his siblings in 1963.”

(submitted by IG @em.jay___

Sonny’s Share

“It was the summer of ‘68 or ‘69 and my mom (holding her cousin) was in Las Vegas with her Aunt and Uncle to babysit their kids while they went to see Sonny and Cher in concert. Sonny and Cher stayed at the same hotel as them (Sahara) and were casually lounging by the pool one afternoon. Sonny obliged for a photo op with my mom and her cousin.”

(submitted by IG @slwhiteley

Ready For Them To Leave

“I found this while going through family photos and I asked my Mom and Aunt,”Who’s the old shirtless guy that we seem to LOVE so much?” The answer: “Oh! that’s your Great-Grandpa Floyd.”

(submitted by Sandy)

The Battle of Caravan

“Here’s our family holiday from 1969 in a caravan park in England. I’m in the front while my brothers are in a nasty scuffle on the ground behind me, while a man appears to be kidnapping a child in the background. The sixties were wild.”

(submitted by IG @trevordickinson

Hitting The Skids

“I came across this gem going through old family pictures handed down to me. That’s my grandmother and mother with a distant relative and his son and daughter. My uncle is on the far right hiding from the camera.”

(submitted by Trevor)