The 80′s


Nut - Mom

“This is my mother in the 80′s with our pet squirrel, Nut. This squirrel absolutely hated me and I was terrified of her. She gnawed her way through my bedroom door just to attack me as I slept. My mother and the squirrel had a special bond though. Nut even slept with her in her bed.”

(submitted by Jeni)

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The Brady Bust

The Brady Bust - School Photos

“Kindergarten 1982 , I thought I was going to be in a box like the Brady Bunch family, thinking I would give a wave to my friend Jessica Carte right above me. I was devastated when I found out pictures were taken one by one and the boxes were the layout.”

(submitted by Kelleen)

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Day Rider

Day Rider - Babies

“I applaud my parents for taking awesome baby pictures of me.”

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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans - Siblings

And this was their freestyle pose.

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Same Sex

Same Sex - Birthdays

“My girlfriend and best friend have birthdays one day apart. This was the only solution.”

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Three Kates

Three Kates - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my friend Kate. I recovered this picture from helping her move a few years ago and with her permission am sending to you. 80′s Kate is fond of books, sitting and perms.”

(submitted by Kristi in the Netherlands)

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The Incredible Hunk

The Incredible Hunk - School Photos

“Me in sixth grade. Enjoy.”

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