Family Portrait

Happy Nothing

Happy Nothing - Easter

“My stepmom’s friend just posted this picture of her kids on Facebook.”

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Plaid To See You

Plaid To See You - Family Portrait

“It took Dad forever to find just the right tie.”

(submitted by Tara)

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Harnessing His Power

Harnessing His Power - Family Portrait

“In 1991, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. My Father, at the time, was a photographer whose studio was in our home. After a long day of tests and hospital visits, he decided to take this photo of me in my epilepsy test equipment, which is worn over a few days… I still don’t know why he took it, but what you see here is a shirtless, awesome looking ten-year-old boy with acid-washed jeans and perfectly feathered hair.”

(submitted by Jesse) 

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Punchout - Babies

“Circa 1983. My dad clearly has no idea whats going on. Smile!”

(submitted by Carley) 

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Minus Mom

Minus Mom - Family Portrait

“This is a family photo that was taken back in 2004. My Mom stepped out of frame to take off her glasses at the last second and the photographer (having had no warning that she was going to do so) kept shooting anyway. My Dad, brother, and I all had quite different reactions.”

(submitted by Kelsey) 

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How To Label Your Family

How To Label Your Family - Black And White

“My Mom labeled this family photo for us kids before we died so we would know who was who, and who was a bitch.”

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In Black And White • March 10th, 2016 • 9 Comments »

A Kiss On The Cheek

A Kiss On The Cheek - Family Portrait

“The photographer told him to love on his mommy, so naturally…”

(submitted by Nathan) 

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