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Family Portrait

Renaissance Man

A look back at a time when art, music, and puffy shirts flourished.

(submitted by Rachel)

Hawaiian Punch

You may never have been to Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you have.

(submitted by Sarah)

Eyes Wide Open

This young man had blinked for the last time.

(submitted by John)

The Spit-take

He just couldn’t contain all of of his love.

(submitted by the B’s)

Ice Cream Social

Sometimes, you do what you have to do to get the kids to the portrait studio.

(submitted by Kelly)


Even the dog had to look away.

(submitted by Halter)


It’s gotta be the shoes.

(submitted by Wujek)


Just pray you never get the fan.

(submitted by Morgan)

The Protector

You should see this father when a telemarketer calls after 6.

(submitted by Jairus)


Dad was feeling a little too relaxed about fatherhood.

(submitted by Anna)