Family Portrait

Sisterly Love - Behind The Awkwardness

Sisterly Love

“Red-Headed Crying Girl: Just got kicked in the head by accident.
Father: Mad that his daughter is overreacting about getting hit in the head.
Mom: Fake smiling for the camera and trying to pretend everything is fine.
Brown Hair Girl (me) – Smiling at my sister because I know that this is going to make a great picture.”

(submitted by Kaitlin)

Greensleeves - Family Portrait



This family just sprouted up.

(submitted by Emily)

It’s A Wrap - Family Portrait

It’s A Wrap

We have a pool. Did we mention that we have a pool?

(submitted by Grant)

Close Encounters - Family Portrait

Close Encounters

Beam them up.

(submitted by Annie)

That’s Entertainment - Family Portrait

That’s Entertainment

Must the show really go on?

(submitted by anonymous)

The Stepford Sisters - Family Portrait

The Stepford Sisters

They’re just so well behaved.

(submitted by Kristin)

Going Native - Behind The Awkwardness

Going Native

“My sister was home from the Peace Corps and brought us some traditional clothing from Ghana so we could send these photos back to her host family. Awkwardness ensued.”

(submitted by Ashleigh)

The Final Frontier - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Final Frontier

This family boldly goes where no other family has gone before.

(submitted by Robert)

Sister Act - Family Portrait

Sister Act

Just a little closer to God.

(submitted by Carolyn)

The Ventriloquists - Family Portrait

The Ventriloquists

Please put your hands where we can see them.

(submitted by Darin)