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Family Portrait


He showered all of his children with love.

(submitted by Skyla)


This tree is definitely giving more than it’s receiving.

(submitted by Jeff)


The Oversmile 2

Finally found one that goes to twelve.

(submitted by Miller)

Saturday Night Special: Number One

The giving tree.

(submitted by Amelia)

Read It And Weep

He decided to imagine them as bookends.

(submitted by Emily)

He’s A Maniac

He will cut you like a knife.

(submitted by Clara)

The Delivery

Mom always looked forward to a visit from the water man.

(submitted by Rachel)

Final Destination

Well worth the seven hour drive.

(submitted by Derrick)

Can We Help You?

This family just wants to know what the hell you’re looking at.

(submitted by Jamie)

My Bodyguard

His dad will beat up your dad.

(submitted by James)