Grab Bag

Grab Bag - Family Portrait

“My relatives in India sent this picture to my Dad. I’m curious what the rest of my nephew’s shirt says.”

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Soft Landing

Soft Landing - Kids

“My brother, birdwatching.”

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It’s A Mauve Mauve World

It’s A Mauve Mauve World - Kids

“My mom saved this for some reason. I don’t know whether to be mortified by it or love it.”

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Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack - Kids

“Daughter farted in the tent just as my wife took a selfie of them.”

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Allowance Sanctions

Allowance Sanctions - Dad

“Found this saved in my Dad’s nightstand: our allowance sanctions.”

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61 Pins

61 Pins - Kids

“Our daughter was in gymnastics and her hands were very calloused.  She thought she would see how many stick pins she could insert into the callouses.  She ended up with 61!  Makes a mother proud.”

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Star Wars, Renamed

Star Wars, Renamed - Awkward Galleries

“My favorite thing about sharing Star Wars with my toddler is the names he gives the characters.”

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