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7 Ways To Make A School Photo More Awkward

The school portrait is a rite of passage for any child and it survives as evidence of how awkward we all were at one point in our lives. Here at AFP, we think that’s a darn...
Potty Training - Photos

Potty Training

“My parents heard the commotion, ran in, immediately ran out and grabbed the camera before trying to help.”

(submitted by Hallie)

Grabby Patty - Misc

Grabby Patty

“Saw this drawn with chalk at a local elementary school. Friday’s thought was “How cool, Spongebob and Patrick!”. And then I took a second look…”

(submitted by Joe)

Whale Watching - Photos

Whale Watching

“I took my boys to Iceland last week and we took a trip to The Phallic Museum. They were less than thrilled.”

(submitted by April)

Hold Steady - Photos

Hold Steady

“At Disney where everyone except my sister found something to hold on to.”

(submitted by Wendy)

Au Naturel - Photos

Au Naturel

“Note to self: dont wear a green shirt to the zoo if you plan on taking pics in front of a green screen!”

(submitted by Jane)

Autumn Glory - Photos

Autumn Glory

“It’s that time of the year again…”

(via source)

Facial - Photos


“My friend decided to try playing Rugby.”

(via source)

Glamming It Up - Glamour Shots

Glamming It Up

“My high school senior photo has tortured me for years and now I’m owning the embarrassment.”

(submitted by Paige)

Franco-phile - Black And White


“My husband’s uncle looked like James Franco when he was younger. This is in Poland circa 1970.”

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