Lowlight Reel

October 6th, 2016

Lowlight Reel - Dad

“My family tried backyard football for the first time.”

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The Accidental Centaur

October 6th, 2016

The Accidental Centaur - Friends

“I found a rare picture of a female centaur in her natural habitat.”

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In Carsickness And In Health

October 6th, 2016

In Carsickness And In Health - Couples

“My husband and I on the way to our ceremony in Lake Tahoe. The road was insanely curvy and the driver was driving like a bat out of hell. We were both so carsick we refused to get back in the limo to go to our reception dinner.”

(submitted by Heather)

Thumb Wrestling

October 6th, 2016

Thumb Wrestling - Kids

“What a proud moment for mom. Little did she know that there was – No thumb sucking allowed in this picture!”

(submitted by Julie)

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Water Damage

October 6th, 2016

Water Damage - Kids

“The last thing my old iPhone ever saw.”

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Ineligible Receiver

October 5th, 2016

Ineligible Receiver - Kids

“Our son caught my garter.”

(submitted by Michelle)

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Flower Girl False Start

October 5th, 2016

Flower Girl False Start - Dad

“Fifteen minutes before the wedding everyone was rushing around getting ready. My sister had just pulled the petals off the roses and placed them into the flower girl bucket for my niece. Not thinking, my sister then hands the bucket over to my 3 year old niece. My niece promptly dumps the bucket over almost as soon as she gets a good grip on it, while my sister looks on in horror, and my Dad (being the father of five spirited daughters) looks on knowing this was the only possible outcome! (My niece dumped it again halfway down the aisle.”

(submitted by Asia)

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