10+ More Awful Library Books

February 2nd, 2017

10+ More Awful Library Books - Awkward Galleries

We’ve covered terrible books in this space before, the kind of tomes that leave you scratching your head and wondering how they ever got published. And…here’s some more! There are uncountable terrible books out there in the world, more than we could ever possibly cover, yet always able to surprise us in their awfulness. Once again we give props to our friends at Flashbak, for giving us a gallery full objectionable titles, questionable cover art, puzzling premises, and obsessed authors. Careful not to get any paper cuts.

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Dad With Four Daughters Takes Twitter By Storm

February 2nd, 2017

Dad With Four Daughters Takes Twitter By Storm - Awkward Galleries

Being a parent is a tough job, but it helps to keep a sense of humor. That’s where James Breakwell comes in. The comedy writer and father of four is the author of the @XplodingUnicorns account. There, Breakwell chronicles the day-to-day difficulties of being a husband and father, often in the form of conversations he has with them. It’s pretty obvious right away that the wife and kids are just as funny as he is, but in the end, we all win.

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10+ Cakes That Didn’t Bother Being Nice

February 2nd, 2017

10+ Cakes That Didn’t Bother Being Nice - Awkward Galleries

Sometimes the best way to show someone you care about them is by lovingly teasing them. And an even better way than that is to write those loving insults in icing on top of a cake. Here are 15 cakes that have no interest in being cheerful like all those other cakes out there. We’re pretty sure these cakes didn’t really offend their intended recipient, but hey, if they did, at least they got to cheer themselves up with cake.

Dad Hilariously Fails The Dress-Your-Baby-For-Daycare Test

February 2nd, 2017

Dad Hilariously Fails The Dress-Your-Baby-For-Daycare Test - Babies

Brooke Hawley-Hasso was in for a surprise when picking up her 7-month-old daughter Olivia from daycare–Olivia was wearing overalls with no shirt underneath. Apparently, her husband Jeremy was responsible for dressing Olivia that morning, and didn’t know a shirt was necessary.

Luckily, everyone had a sense of humor about the situation. “Another mom standing there was cracking up,” Brooke said. Brooke later shared her uncomfortable text exchange with her husband on Ellen DeGeneres’s Facebook page.

Don’t feel bad, Jeremy. We’ve all been there.

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Ladies’ Kid

February 2nd, 2017

Ladies’ Kid - Kids

“Not sure why my wife didn’t like my wardrobe selection for my son’s school picture. In all honesty, I forgot it was school picture day.”

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Woman Turns Crazy Texts from Moms Into Hilarious Instagram Accounts

February 2nd, 2017

Woman Turns Crazy Texts from Moms Into Hilarious Instagram Accounts - Awkward Galleries

The advent of cellphones means we can all be more connected with each other than ever before, but sometimes this can be as much a curse as it is a blessing–especially when it comes to the parent-child relationship. Katie Seigel and her mother have just such a relationship, which prompted her to share her Mom’s hilariously overbearing texts on an Instagram account called @CrazyJewishMom. Once that account went viral, (and why wouldn’t it?), people began sending Katie their own hilarious Mom texts. She had to launch a second Instagram account, @CrazyYourMom, to share them all. Below, enjoy a gallery of the choicest Overbearing Mom Texts. And remember to text your mother once in a while.

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Sister Of Cobra Kai

February 2nd, 2017

Sister Of Cobra Kai - Photos

“My husband and his brothers are in your infamous Cobra Kai picture. (He’s the one in front.) Well, they also had a sister. She was not into martial arts.”

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