Time To Pay - Graduation

Time To Pay

“Fiance got her Student Loan repayment email…while attending her college graduation.”

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Veggie Dip - Babies

Veggie Dip

“Wondering whether or not you should wear that condom or take birth control? Because this is real life.”

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Mother’s Day Condolences - Mom

Mother’s Day Condolences

“My daughter has a weird sense of humor. This is the Mother’s Day card she gave me last year.”

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The Limits Of Recreation - Recreations

The Limits Of Recreation

“My dad literally got a hernia trying to recreate this.”

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Ask Greg - Random

Ask Greg

“When I got married last year I loved the trend of ‘naked cakes.’ At that time the trend was relatively new and the bakery asked for pictures. According to my receipt, if you want a naked picture, you should ask ‘Greg.'”

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13 Newborn Photoshoots That Went Hilariously Wrong - Lists

13 Newborn Photoshoots That Went Hilariously Wrong

Many new parents look forward to their baby’s first professional photoshoot. A glossy, high-quality portrait looks great in any baby book, and makes for an instant...
Hello Gravity - Random

Hello Gravity

“The moment I lost my glasses.”

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The Definition Of Marriage - Random

The Definition Of Marriage

“I found one of my tests from 2nd grade, I am now in 11th, and I totally had a misconception of marriage. (See the last answer.)”

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