Up - Friends


“My friend attached balloons to his dreads and then cut them off yesterday.”

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Pantsed - Co-Workers & Teams


“When you see it…”

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It’s A… - Babies

It’s A…

“Cookies celebrating our newborn came today. Woops.”

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The Dawn Of Man - Kids

The Dawn Of Man

“My 5 year old kid asked me who the first human was, so we had an impromptu lesson on evolution. I think I nailed it.”

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Catch Me If You Can - Wedding

Catch Me If You Can

“I’m a little alarmed at how eager my girlfriend was to catch the bouquet at my sisters wedding.”

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Birthday Photo Recreated 35 years Later - Birthdays

Birthday Photo Recreated 35 years Later

“Birthday girl has her eyes on the doll figurine on cake.  Even though she looks fairly happy in photo, she’s scared of the doll because it came to life in a dream and started attacking her.”

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Wonka - Prom


“My pops looking like Willy Wonka in the 70s. The lucky gal by his side is my mom.”

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Stephen - Birthdays


“Asked for a cake for Steven except with a “PH”… should’ve been more specific.”

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The Graduate - Graduation

The Graduate

“I graduated college and this is what I got from my parents.”

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