The Gandersons

December 27th, 2010

Otherwise known as a “Mexican stareoff.”

(submitted by Alexis)

Shining Star

December 26th, 2010

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean the celebration is.

(submitted by Teddy)

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The Christmas Card

December 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas from AFP and Katie’s Great Uncle!

(submitted by Katie)

Growing Pains

December 24th, 2010

The holiday season is a time to come together despite our differences.

(submitted Liora)

Behind The Awkwardness: Whiter Shade Of Pale

December 23rd, 2010

“When my father got remarried after my parent’s divorce, my mother went through the family albums and cut him out of all of the family photos. Using scissors became too labor intensive, so she switched to white-out.”

(submitted by Shawna)