Then And Now - Photos

Then And Now

“8th grade perm!  Thank goodness I grew out of it. Used to get beat up in school cause I was such a dork!!”

(submitted by Jackie)

The Catch - Babies

The Catch

It’s hard to know what’s what in the thrill of the hunt.

(submitted by Amy)

Stripes - Misc


Well, at least he looks thinner.

(submitted by James)

The Conscientous Objector - Family Portrait

The Conscientous Objector

All for one. One for all.

(submitted by Dan)

Story Time Rocking Chair - Grandparents

Story Time Rocking Chair

Or… there’s always a couch. And btw, for the small price of $8000, you can order one here. And it’s on sale. No joke.

(submitted by Greg)

The Bird - Babies

The Bird

Say it with a smile.

(submitted by Katrina)

Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

Recreating The Awkwardness

(submitted by Jennifer)

The Letter R - Photos

The Letter R

The irony is she’s a perfect speller.