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Wedding Train

It’s a little early do be doing the locomotion.

(submitted by Rivka)

Alice In Chains

Goths yes, but nature lovers first.

(submitted by Alice)

The Sacrifice

One of them is not Team Edward.

(submitted by Amanda)

Super Soul Sunday

Sometimes, you need to let it all go.

(submitted by Chris)

Seal It With A Kiss

“My grandmother trying to steal my dad from his new bride!”

(submitted by Maggie)

The Wetting Party

Just got a little smaller.

(submitted by Henri)

Here She Comes….

An excerpt from the new Awkward Family Holiday Photos book.

Groundhog Day

We applaud anyone who is willing to wear the same outfit for 40 years. Congratulations, Dale Irby.

(via Dallas News)

Road Trip

Isn’t it enough that we’re related?

(submitted by J)

Baby You’re A Firework

“This photo of me and my parents on the Fourth of July. Every year, our neighborhood has a parade and this year in particular my dad went all out making us wear these awful costumes. I was very upset because all of my friends got to ride their bikes in the parade and I had to wear the costume with my parents. My dad still considers these outfits a success because they got us a photo in the newspaper.”

(submitted by Jamie)