Green Day - Grandpa

Green Day

He’s all grown up.

(submitted by Allie)

Miniature Poodle - Kids

Miniature Poodle

Someone was having trouble getting into character.

(submitted by Jill)

The Catch - Babies

The Catch

He was just trying to decide which one to throw back.

(submitted by Amie)

Mirror Mirror 3 - Kids

Mirror Mirror 3

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me.

(submitted by Jason)

Jake The Snake - Pets

Jake The Snake

He liked to accessorize.

(submitted by Cleo)

A Halloween Christmas - Christmas

A Halloween Christmas

You can never start the celebration too early.

(submitted by Samantha)

Cupid - AFP Hall Of Fame


Sometimes, you must take things into your own hands.

(submitted by Mandy)