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Countdown To Halloween: It’s Never Too Early

“Halloween 1990. My sister and I are dressed as brides. I’m 5, my sister is 3. My mom made the costumes to reflect her high hopes for our futures.”

(submitted by Averie)

The Fuzz

Sometimes, what’s in focus is the blur.

(submitted by Andrew)

Slumber Party

Sleep tight.

(submitted by Cruella)

Raising The Bar

You don’t have to be a meathead to enjoy a good old-fashioned family deadlift.

(submitted by Teef)

The Siblings Episode!

The Trophies

Dad’s many accomplishments… oh, and a photo of his daughter.

(submitted by Monica)

The Ornaments

When Santa isn’t enough motivation not to be naughty.

(submitted by Catherine)


A kiss to build a nightmare on.

(submitted by Truex)

Matchy Matchy 5

Is being related torture enough?

(submitted by Morgan)


Sometimes, it’s the only way to get through to her.

(submitted by Neptune Girl)