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The Big D

“My mom and I were taking pictures after running Atlanta’s annual Peachtree 10k. We didn’t realize the dog had decided to insert herself into the picture in her own special way until after publishing the photo on Facebook. Our friends and family were kind of enough to rapidly point this out to us but it remains on the site to this day.”

(submitted by Lauren)

Balancing Act 4

Friends accused him of being a poser.

(submitted by Jeremy)

The Overfrown 3

She always looked forward to spending time with Grandma.

(submitted by Amber)

Stuck In The Middle With You

She didn’t want to take sides.

(submitted Andre)

The Chameleon

You don’t know the half of him.

(submitted by Jim)


Proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

(submitted by Anthony)

Magic Carpet Ride

He was uncomfortable with the misogynistic undertones.

(submitted by Tait)


So it was a snake in his pants.

(submitted by Mike)

Call Of The Wild

You don’t have to pass on everything.

(submitted by Donna)


The guinea pig didn’t think it was art.

(submitted by Eugene)