Dad’s Post-Kid-Puking Texts to Mom Are So Awful They’re Funny - Photos

Dad’s Post-Kid-Puking Texts to Mom Are So Awful They’re Funny

Being a parent means being exposed to bodily fluids, so regularly that you become immune to them. Well, most of the time–occasionally a situation becomes so gnarly it can make even the hardiest of parents nauseous. That’s what happened to father Ben Patterson, whose son Declan retched so badly in his car seat that Ben had to share it with his wife via text. And lucky for us, he also shared those texts with the Internet.

Ben tells his wife that after Declan threw up, the smell was so bad that he himself threw up. It’s rough being a sympathetic puker. His wife didn’t respond. (Understandable.)

Then, things got worse.

That’s right. Both a bystander AND the cops thought Ben was drunk, and he had to pass a breathalyzer before getting back in the car.

After that, there wasn’t much for Ben to do but send a few more futile texts to his wife, who continued to stay silent.

“Rotting whale blubber” is something we’ve never smelled, but somehow we know it’s a dead-on description. Stay safe out there, parents.

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Not Part Of The “In” Crowd - Kids

Not Part Of The “In” Crowd

“Just found an old school picture. Guess which one I am.”

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“Was visiting my grandma and found this photo of her New Year’s cruise. What the hell, grandma?!”

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“Found this old photo. It sums up my high school experience.”

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“My sister got engaged at a baseball game. Somebody wasn’t happy about it.”

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Selfie Expression

“We decided to spoof my son’s Facebook profile photo. How did we do?”

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Tampax To The Max - Halloween

Tampax To The Max

“I have two Moms. They dressed me up like this for Halloween.”

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Try An Ale

“When pub staff t-shirts go wrong.”

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Super Squeamish

“My daughter made a friend at DragonCon, but he wasn’t too sure about her.”

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“This is my girlfriend’s actual, state-given license plate: PRN-6969.”

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