Great Dane - Prom

Great Dane

There was enough Dane to go around.

(submitted by Charlotte)

Size Doesn’t Matter - Prom

Size Doesn’t Matter

Congratulations to our awkward couples winners, Josh and Amy, for proving that size really doesn’t matter.

Touched by An Angel - Prom

Touched by An Angel


(submitted by Sidney)

Getting The Chair - Prom

Getting The Chair

While Paris is often associated with the Eiffel Tower and romance, it is also known for the metal folding chair.

(submitted by Barrett)

Do The Locomotion - Prom

Do The Locomotion

It’s never too early to start the train.

(submitted by Blank)

The Prom Date - Prom

The Prom Date

This is Paul. He’ll have you home by nowhere near the time he says he will.

(submitted by Mollie)

The Third Wheel - Prom

The Third Wheel

You’ve just been asked to prom… by another couple.

(submitted by Chrissy)

Sizing It Up - Kids

Sizing It Up

What are the chances of a growth spurt before the first slow dance?

(submitted by Keith)

The Backpack - Kids

The Backpack

This one comes with a belt-strap.

(submitted by Karen)

Chandalier - Kids


Real class is allowing yourself to be showered by chandelier fragments.

(submitted by Amie)