AFP Grandparents: The Board Game

June 29th, 2011

While online games may be all the rage, we here at AFP like to keep it old school. In that spirit, we’re proud to present the new Awkward Family Photos board game and who better to introduce it than the AFP Grandparents…

11 Responses to “AFP Grandparents: The Board Game”

  1. Sir Gladys Splinge says:

    This woman is openly admitting to cannibalism! Have the police been informed? What kind of monster invites their friends over and then has them for lunch? I’m appalled!

  2. George says:

    Did you mean Wednesday, July 6th, or Tuesday, July 5th?

  3. Juno says:

    They are so awesome! The facial expressions at the end are priceless. You rock AFP grandparents.

  4. Mirth says:

    They make me smile every single time. If there were ever perfect strangers I could love, they would definitely be it!

  5. Betty says:

    They crack me up! I love Kenny!

  6. meri says:

    Kenny’s face when your grandmother says he is WRONG, is PRICELESS. He can’t help it, he can only recommend this game to ‘younger’ people in their 50’s and 60’s. LOL

  7. I’m not sure about the game, but are your grandparents for sale? They make me miss mine.

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