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Burt’s Mustache & Me

“My mom took a picture of me with Burt Reynolds in 2000 and only got his glorious mustache.”

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Ryan Reynolds Leaves Comment On Blake Lively’s Latest Instagram Photo

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of those couples we could never get sick of. While they steer clear of major celebrity controversy, they’re always making headlines for...

Keanu Reeves Photobombed A Couple’s Wedding

Is there any actor as beloved as Keanu Reeves? He is at the heart of so many memes, the leading man in so many movies, and the beloved goofball of so many nineties comedies and...

Girl Finds An Old Photo Posing With A Baby Spice At A Concert, Turns Out To Be 11-Year-Old Blake Lively

When we’re young and naive, we’ll believe that anyone is a celebrity because–well, we’re young and naive. It turns out, Bria Madrid was one of those 5-year-olds. Read More

Paris Hilton Asked Twitter To ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ And You Better Believe They Did

If you’re on Twitter, then you know that people are all too happy to give you advice and/or explain things to you — regardless of whether you ask them to or not. Read More