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Permullet Permullet Permullet

“What was my mom thinking? Shoulder pads, silky purple shirt, massive doily collar, strange cat sweater, but worst of all permed mullets!”

(submitted by Kristin) 


“A very ‘creative’ picture/idea from our wonderful mother.”

(submitted by Miles)

That 70s Family

“My parents and siblings in 1972. Kids couldn’t resist interrupting photo session.”

(submitted by Kathleen) 

Marking His Territory

“This picture was taken in July 2012 for my daughter’s 3 month photos. We decided to let the dog join us, and my daughter was supposed to rest on the his side, but it looks like the he’s about to pee on her. My son is just miserable, and his popped Polo collar makes him look like he has stud earrings.”

(submitted by Hillary) 

Slice Of Life

“In 1991 my dad opened a pizza shop called Lotsa Motsa Pizza. Before he opened the doors to the shop we had our family photos with the pizza shirts and lots of pizza.”

(submitted by Chalise)

Alex & Me

“I carried around the torso of a mannequin that my brother found in a dumpster. I named it Alex.”

(submitted by Wes)

Stairway To Awkward Christmas Photos

“This was our joint family Christmas photo at the lake between my family and my mom’s sister’s family. We decided this staircase leading down to the lake would be the perfect spot for our family photo. We spent 30 minutes setting up the camera with it’s self-timer about 30 feet away from the staircase. I personally ran back and forth about 20 times. During the set-up, the two families waited on the staircase getting more and more impatient. There was yelling and pushing. It was a lovely time. Once it was ready for the photo, we all lined up and of course switched at least 2 times each with other people in the line to get the line up perfect. Then we all sucked in as not to have our stomachs touch the person in front of us and we forced a smile as we waited for the self-timer to go off. The pictures lasted for another 15 minutes and I had to run back and forth to check them and change the angle. Once I felt we had enough and it looked like everyone’s eyes were open, we called it quits. This picture is the best of the bunch. You’re welcome.”

(submitted by Taylor)

Budget Barney

“Thanks Mom for taking me to see ‘Barney’ at a flea market! Pretty sure he was arrested shortly after this Polaroid was taken.”

(submitted by Lacey)

Go Fish

“It was 1965 and Mom was with her 3 kerchiefed daughters: teenager Cindy, toddler Julie in her arms and Suzy, age four. Location: Tuscola, Illinois.”

(submitted by Suzy) 

Why I Hate Clowns

“I’m not sure what’s going on here. I only remember that we went to the photo studio because there was some kind of special.”

(submitted by Bill)