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Take Twenty

“After twenty attempts trying to get everyone to smile, and my sister being afraid of camera flashes, my frustrated father yelled out “Just take the damn picture!”

(submitted by Heather)

Beware of Hair

“I always had more hair than mom knew how to handle and when I begged for a big updo, I got it! When I used to look at this photo, I always thought my little sister was just afraid of getting her picture taken, but I now realize she was probably just terrified of what was on top of my head.”

(submitted by Delila)

Power Permullet

“I told the hairdresser to perm the top only. Not sure what I was thinking.”

(submitted by Rebecca)

Two Faced

“Don’t worry, almost all of my school pictures were this good.”

(submitted by Roni)

Back Off

“So much 90s in one picture from my oh so cool outfit, to my all floral bedroom, and of course my beanie baby collection which I was sure would make me millions one day. I was the coolest kid ever…in my own head.”

Field of Joy

“This is my husband and four children. We asked the kids to sit down with Dad to get their pictures together, but my daughter didn’t want to be in the picture, so said, “Okay, just stay over there.” I started to take the picture and she got even more upset for being left OUT of the picture. As you can see my husband was also annoyed!”

(submitted by Nichole)

Steady As They Go

“My in-laws hired a professional photographer for family pictures. The grandkids were afraid the hammock was going to flip. Taken in Lake Arrowhead, CA.”

(submitted by Sally) 

Hoop Dreams

“I was in the seventh grade and decided basketball would be a great sport. I was the worst point guard on second string and scored zero baskets in my 7th grade basketball career. I was given the smallest Jersey which happened to be lucky #13 and during this photo my crush was in the stands and I thought I looked good until I saw the picture I submitted and immediately begged my mom for contact lenses and no more perms.”

(submitted by Hilary) 


What The Duck?

“My husband doesn’t remember this day but I’m not sure how you forget the Duck Lady.”

(submitted by Stacy) 


“This was during our family trip to Costa Rica.”

(submitted by Gregg)