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Cat Buscemi

“My friend’s cat looks like Steve Buscemi.”

(via Steve Buscemi Cat)

Missing In Action

“Chuck Norris being pinned by my dad.”

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Baby DeVito

“My son used to look like Danny DeVito when he was a baby.”

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The Bathroom Goldblum

“I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain and now we have this.”

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Hello Dolly

“My aunt tried to make a cake of Dolly Parton for a friend.”

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Son Of Bean

“My friend’s cousin has embraced it.”

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Grandpa Jack

“Found out that my Grandfather was once Jack Black.”

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National Treasure

“My mom didn’t answer my call today. Texted asking what she was up to, and this is the photo she sent back.”

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Cage Dweller

“A friend bought a new house in 2017. When a cable technician went into the crawlspace they found this shrine to Nicholas Cage complete with candles, goblet, kneeling rug and lockbox of movie paraphernalia.”

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The Boyfriend Upgrade

“I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt ‘fixed’ my photos.”

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