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The Luck O’ The Irish

“My grandparents’ Christmas card from 1951 and my favorite annual reminder that font choice matters.”

(submitted by IG @bogartlc

Santa’s Little Helpers

“Me and my twin sister getting traumatised in Middlesbrough 1981 by Santa and his devil doll clowns.”

(submitted by IG @nicksdrawings

Santa’s Pants

“My brother drowning in Santa’s pants.”

(submitted by IG @itsureisamyhashmi

Clown Under

“Perth, Australia in the late 80’s. I’m the littlest and pictured with my 2 older brothers and my older sister. We all have no idea who the clown is or why he is even there…just so random!”

(submitted by IG @leannelee84

Blue Christmas

“This is my ex-boyfriend’s family. c.1964. He and his twin brother and sisters and Dad are “enjoying” Santa’s visit. They lived in Red Lodge, Montana in the day, so perhaps a more realistic St. Nick was hard to come by.”

(submitted by Libby)

Clutching Pearls

“The moment my mom realized I was going to be a handful.”

(submitted by IG @sheridanelli

Sweater Weather

“1993. My Dad was so excited and proud to give us these matching sweaters. I was less than thrilled having to endure an extended photo shoot in the freezing Vermont winter.”

(submitted by IG @bornreadey)

Merry Printmas

“You can see the wonder of Christmas in my eyes and my brothers’ matching pajamas.”

(submitted by IG @lorrainejmcleod)

A Christmas Surprise

“We took the kids to take pictures with Santa. Needless to say we were shocked as we scrolled through the photos and saw our daughter’s middle finger up with her head turned and smiling.”

(submitted by La Teisha)

Plaid Christmas

“My grandmother bought my brothers a new suit each Christmas and liked them to match, while I was loving my Mrs. Beasley.”

(submitted by Jennifer)