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Clutching Pearls

“The moment my mom realized I was going to be a handful.”

(submitted by IG @sheridanelli

Holiday Hangover

“My dad sleeping off the holiday. London, 1980s.”

(submitted by IG @mrsdoomspatterson and IG @carolinethomasjewellery

Dashing Through The Snow

“Our first family photo with our son and my wife wanted to have Christmas photos taken to send out to the family. I put on a smile, but I have always HATED this photo as we looked like giants in this teeny little sleigh.”

(submitted by Joel)


“The kids were having a shoot for our Christmas card and we had no idea why the photographer stopped shooting and fell to the ground laughing.”

(submitted by Kristen) 


Hot Tub Greetings

“My parents just got a hot tub and were very excited about it. Therefore, my grandma hired a professional photographer to take a family photo in the hot tub. For some reason they posed with wine and candles even though the children were not old enough to drink… and sent it out to 150 plus friends as a Christmas card.”

(submitted by Brittany)

Sauced Santa

“I found this photo of my father and an inebriated Santa Claus.”

(submitted by Joseph) 

Clown Under

“Perth, Australia in the late 80’s. I’m the littlest and pictured with my 2 older brothers and my older sister. We all have no idea who the clown is or why he is even there…just so random!”

(submitted by IG @leannelee84

Christmas At The Corner

“Here I am at The Corner Bar all decked out and ready to sit on Santa’s lap. (Santa was played by a regular patron of the bar). We’d stop on the way to my grandparents’ house, and every year I’d check to see if the reindeer were atop the roof of the bar. If that’s not Christmas magic, I’m not sure what is.”

(submitted by IG @sarahlg4369

Dance Til You Drop

“My brother put all he had on the dance floor the night of my parents’ 1987 Christmas party.”

(submitted by IG @hilaryeburt

Shady Santa

“Growing up, we celebrated Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house and Santa always showed up. I’m not sure where this one came from but I remember thinking how odd he seemed…”

(submitted by Shannon)