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Happy Holidaze

“I was 45 minutes into family pictures with two hungry and crabby kiddos. Nothing was good. The photographer asked me five times if I really wanted to buy the pics and I said absolutely yes. This was my most popular Christmas picture ever.”

(submitted by Janice)


Schall’s Balls

“This was our Christmas card circa 1987/1988. I am the little girl who is embarrassed and ashamed to be with her family in front of the family owned limo wearing our family bowling shirts. Our team was called Schall‘s Balls. After our last name.”

(submitted by Zoe)

The Unusual Suspects

“Our happy Christmas in 90s Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @paula_bissoni

The Placeholder

“This was my parent’s pregnancy announcement in 1991 a couple months before my birth. My dad saved the cardboard outline and gave it to me before the birth of my first child.”

(submitted by IG @lucy_regalado

Blue Christmas

“This is my ex-boyfriend’s family. c.1964. He and his twin brother and sisters and Dad are “enjoying” Santa’s visit. They lived in Red Lodge, Montana in the day, so perhaps a more realistic St. Nick was hard to come by.”

(submitted by Libby)

Timing Is Everything

“Norway, early 2000s. Our mom wanted a family Christmas photo, so we were lined up in our living room, my dad pressed the self-timer and voilá.”

(submitted by IG @ragnhild_sveen

The Purge: A Christmas Story

“I have no idea why they thought Santa and Miss Piggy was a good idea and I was scared out of my mind to stand between them.”

(submitted by Kate)

Clown Clause

“This picture was taken in December of 1969 in Sherman Oaks, CA . That is me at the age of 6 months. He was this frightening Santa that would visit my grandmother and grandfather’s house every Christmas. To me he looks deranged.'”

(submitted by John)

The Mask

“My dad would always dress in this creepy Santa costume. It didn’t take us long to figure out it was him because he always wore his work boots with the costume.”

(submitted by James) 

Manger Danger

“Christmas, 1997. My baby sister was being held up by my dad through a hole cut in the sheet and he was shouting at my mom to take the picture.”

(submitted by IG @emily_m.g)