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Santa’s Little Skeptic

“My daughter is very skeptical of Santa and why his glove is touching her.”

(submitted by IG @michellepickering1207)

Mad Santa

“I think my twin sister and I could sense Santa’s disdain.”

(submitted by Kristiana)

Dear Satan

“Nephew is unknowingly making a deal with the devil.”

(via source)

Bottle Service

“This is a photo of my brother’s family.  We were trying to get a nice Christmas card photo, and my brother was getting rid of his beer so it wouldn’t be in the picture. He wasn’t fast enough.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Cranked Christmas

“I found this photo of my father and an inebriated Santa Claus.”

(submitted by Joseph) 


“Christmas sometime in the early/mid 90s and this is me and my two sisters. My neighbor worked for Marlboro cigarettes and my mother decided that since their company sweatshirts were red, we should all wear them for our Christmas pictures.”

(submitted by IG @alekshenry)

Santa Shamed

“The thought was, if Santa stood behind the chair, my daughter, the youngest, would be happier. Santa didn’t quite understand, and looks like he’s peeing on the tree.”

(submitted by IG @dernizz)

Creepy Claus

“There will be no more Christmas for me.”

(submitted by IG @silentiert)

The Curse Of Christmas Past

“Me dressed as Santa holding my 7 month old brother. He still doesn’t like Christmas.”

Feeling Frosty

“This was a Christmas present from my Aunt who literally did Not see how ‘happy’ this snowman was. She bought it as a craft fair in Colorado. (Near a dispensary, maybe that’s why.)”

(submitted by Stephanie)