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A Christmas Peak

“Christmas 2009. We went to the mall to take a picture with Santa and seemingly nothing went wrong… my son didn’t cry, the line was manageable but Santa’s attention was focused elsewhere.”

(submitted by IG @gungho_gorilla)

Holiday Spirits

“This was my attempt at taking a family holiday photo. There was lots of fighting. Tears. A broken snow globe. And an accidental shot of my cleavage as I cleaned up the mess. There was a lot of bourbon as well. This one was an accident but ended up being my favorite.”

(submitted by IG @ellediabla)


Sad Santa

“I don’t remember having this photo taken, but every time I look at it as an adult, I am horrified that I was planted on Santa’s lap. He couldn’t look any less excited about his job…..I’m looking a little uncertain about the whole thing as well! Bet there wasn’t a “ho, ho, ho” greeting involved here!”

(submitted by Patti) 

A Christmas Story

“So many amazing things about this picture. I am the beauty with the middle part bangs accompanied by my life size Barbie. My mom is clearly feeling what every mother on Christmas feels while my dad is 90’s fabulous.”

(submitted by IG @lewilko

Christmas Sneer

“This joyous photo was taken in 1994 in Maysville, Kentucky while we were at a Christmas party.”

(submitted by IG @olive_oil_t

Holiday Hot Tub

“This is a photo of me and my family celebrating the holidays in 1987.”

(submitted by Bud)

Merry Christmas Baby

“This is my brother and I at Christmas, 1965. I was only 6 months old and my brother obviously thought I was annoying, if not repulsive.”

(submitted by Angela)

A Christmas Humping

“This is our 2006 Christmas Card photo with our 6-year-old English Bulldog, Joan.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Clutching Pearls

“The moment my mom realized I was going to be a handful.”

(submitted by IG @sheridanelli

Hair Club

“This family photo was taken at Sears in 1987 as present to our mom. I guess you can tell we all loved heavy metal music. The guy on the back right is the oldest of the four brothers and yes that’s his real hair. The one in the front left is me, the youngest of the four, and I was pissed that I had to take this picture.  We asked if they had an alley way for the back drop, but had to settle for a plain one.”

(submitted by Phillip)