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Scared Stiff

“So, my dog met Santa Claus.”

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Santa’s Workshop

“The setting of this Christmas photo explains a lot about my childhood.”

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The Spirit of ’93

“Warm smiles and happy holidays. 1993 was a great year.”

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WTF, Santa Gets Focus Grouped

Well, it’s official — in this day and age, no one can escape the unmercifully harsh light of judgment and criticism…not even jolly ol’ St. Nick. A recent...


“My parents made 200 Christmas Cards right before my girlfriend and I broke up. Sent them anyways.”

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Merry Gothmas

“Merry Christmas from your friendly, neighborhood mall goths. 2005.”

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Pink Polish

“We took my daughter to get her yearly photo with Santa and when Santa asked what she’d like for Christmas she said a ‘pink’ doll. He couldn’t hear her color choice and she then very politely stuck her middle finger up and shouted ‘pink, like this!’ She had on pink fingernail polish at the time.”

(submitted by Brittany) 

Uncle Target

“My mom spaced out while wrapping gifts this year. Guess I know where she got this one.”

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The Christmas Protest

“Someone was not interested in having her Christmas Card picture taken.”

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Stocking Stuffer

“My parents always said they love their kids equally, but that is hard to believe when I come home for Christmas to this. Rosie is the cat.”

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