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Santa’s Shiner

“My sister and Santa with a black eye.”

(submitted by IG @likeavelvetglovecastiniron

Short Christmas

“This is my father in 1980 in front of the Christmas tree wearing his favorite pair of shorts (that he had in several different colors).”

(submitted by IG @hannahlouisiana7

Lots Of Love

“This Christmas card outtake from 1993 perfectly captured me and my siblings mid-meltdown after a long afternoon posing for the camera. (We love each other nevertheless.)”

(submitted by IG @313mjd

The Christmas Hangover

“My father and I Christmas morning circa 1982. Mom said he was probably hung over.”

(submitted by IG @creia77)

The Christmas Chew

“God bless my mom for keeping a straight face for our very 90s Christmas card while my little sister chewed on my face.”

(submitted by IG @satiem

Check Please

“Me and my brother visiting Santa (Christmas 1984). Betcha this Santa wished it was 2020 so he could be six feet away from me.”

(submitted by IG @christyocat

Very Silent Night

“Me, my new Uno set, and my mama’s creepy dolls.”

(submitted by IG @pictureskaratakes

Santa’s Little Hangover

“Me and the creepiest Santa ever. 1977”

(submitted by IG @ericsgirl100

Santa Support

“Every year my mom would take my brother and I for photos with Santa. I always had a fear of him and this particular year I didn’t want to sit on his lap so the photographer sat me off to the side, my mom held my hand and I refused to look at the camera. Don’t think this went on the Christmas card.”

(submitted by IG @mkyla559

Christmas Calm

“New puppy and 1 year old. All is calm, all is bright.”

(submitted by IG @rachiesglig