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The Least-er Bunny

“Easter 1999 with what I think is a bunny and my 4 kids.”

(submitted by IG @rob.dee21

The Hot Mess

“The annual Easter Egg hunt at our local park always had a memorable bunny.”

(submitted by Darci)


“Easter 1985. I am the gleeful four-year-old that just sent her little sister running away in tears. All my mom wanted was a nice picture of my sister and I in our cute dresses.”

(submitted by IG @wash_kel_burn

Nightmare Before Easter

“I cried shortly after this photo was taken.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.t.adams)


“Easter 1984. I’m not sure who looks more scary, the bunny or me.”

(submitted by IG @n_yvette_

Hop Away

“Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, circa 1997. One of my brothers is making the best of the situation.”

(submitted by IG @jennyleecapell

The Birthday Bunny

“This is a picture of me and the (terrifying) bunny my mother hired for my 1st birthday party in the summer of 1988.”

(submitted by IG @veda.leone

Nightmare Before Easter

“My sister celebrating Easter at her school.”

(submitted by IG @nandabach and IG @flavia_bach)

Nightmare Before Easter

“This is my dad on Easter and. I guess my grandpa thought it would be a good idea to dress up as the Easter Bunny.”

(submitted by IG @oliviapmorton

Balloon Blocked

“This Easter, we finally managed to get a family picture right.”

(submitted by Darcie)