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The Beaster Bunny

“Easter in Great Falls, Montana 1989 with my sister and an Easter bunny that still haunts me.”

(submitted by IG @vanbidness

Spring Forward

“No more mall holiday pictures for my niece after this encounter…”

(submitted by IG @babep0wer


“I got a special visit from the Easter bunny as a child. Amazed that I don’t have an irrational fear of rabbits and/or Easter to this day.”

(submitted by Nicholas)

Creepster Bunny

“My daughter’s school picture with the creepiest Easter bunny known to man.”

(submitted by  IG @allthatjez)

Scrambled Eggs

“When I was 5 the ‘Easter bunny’ came to my elementary school.”

(submitted by IG @jessleemus


“When I was too young to remember, my parents took us to our church’s Easter egg hunt and encouraged me to take a picture with this easter bunny that looks like he managed to paw his way out of hell.”

(submitted by IG @jackson_elkins)

The Mascot

“Exactly which holiday was this taken for?”

(submitted by Diane)

Thrill of the Hunt

“Back in the 90’s my cousins went to an Easter egg hunt with a ‘to the extreme’ bunny.”

(submitted by IG @susa.madd

The Least-er Bunny

“Easter 1999 with what I think is a bunny and my 4 kids.”

(submitted by IG @rob.dee21

The Hot Mess

“The annual Easter Egg hunt at our local park always had a memorable bunny.”

(submitted by Darci)