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“Easter 1985. I am the gleeful four-year-old that just sent her little sister running away in tears. All my mom wanted was a nice picture of my sister and I in our cute dresses.”

(submitted by IG @wash_kel_burn

Nightmare Before Easter

“I cried shortly after this photo was taken.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.t.adams)


“Easter 1984. I’m not sure who looks more scary, the bunny or me.”

(submitted by IG @n_yvette_

Hop Away

“Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, circa 1997. One of my brothers is making the best of the situation.”

(submitted by IG @jennyleecapell

The Birthday Bunny

“This is a picture of me and the (terrifying) bunny my mother hired for my 1st birthday party in the summer of 1988.”

(submitted by IG @veda.leone

Nightmare Before Easter

“My sister celebrating Easter at her school.”

(submitted by IG @nandabach and IG @flavia_bach)

Nightmare Before Easter

“This is my dad on Easter and. I guess my grandpa thought it would be a good idea to dress up as the Easter Bunny.”

(submitted by IG @oliviapmorton

Balloon Blocked

“This Easter, we finally managed to get a family picture right.”

(submitted by Darcie) 

The Chug

“This is a picture of my family on Easter sometime in the 90’s. I’m on the right with the stonewashed pink pants, mullet to match my older brother’s. The only thing in this picture that focuses the awkwardness away from me is my Grandpa in the next room slamming what I hope to be his first Easter beer of the day because if memory serves me correctly, we always took our pictures before church.”

(submitted by Phil)

Easter Surprise

“This was taken Easter morning in 1986.   That’s me and my little sister (14 years younger than me) I had come home from college for the weekend and must have been out the night before.  I obviously wasn’t too happy about having to wake up early for Easter festivities.   I think when my Mom took this picture, she was just happy to have her son home from college to help celebrate the holiday.  The contrast of my little sister all frou frou in her new Sunday dress and me barely dressed, sporting cheesy glasses and a sleazy mustache is just too much.”

(submitted by John)