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Glamour Shots

In Cold Blood

So, it actually was a snake in his pants.

(submitted by Mike)

Glamour Boy

“We have so many photos and Christmas cards in our family that would earn an Awkward Family Photo award. This is another one of my crazy dad’s funny Christmas cards back when Glamour shots were popular (if they ever really were).”

(submitted by Mary-Lynne)

Dry Heat

You can’t go wrong emerging from an appliance.

(submitted by Jerry)

Recreating The Awkwardness: Glamour Girls

(submitted by Becca)

This Guy

“The original pic was taken about a week before my wedding in ’91, and just after the very last hair cut. I was glaring at them wanting to kill my mother-in-law for making me deal with this crap, LOL.”

See more of Jimi at And here is Jimi today, still rocking it.

(submitted by Jimi)


Always best to schedule your photo shoots on the days you don’t have a black eye.

(submitted by Molly)

Brace Yourself

You’ve got to coordinate.

(submitted by Ashley)

Bad Girls Club

Mess with them and you will continue to get this look.

(submitted by Dina)

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl

She was ready for her close-ups.

(submitted by Ashley)

Saturday Night Special: Lil’ Miss Claus

The most awkward time of the year is coming.

(submitted by Brandon)