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Glamour Shots

Bad Girls Club

Mess with them and you will continue to get this look.

(submitted by Dina)


Some people were born to shine.

(submitted by Johnny)

The Incredible Hunk

Best to wear a breathable fabric when viewing this photo.

(submitted by Dean)

The Hot Mess

Hair and makeup by Debbie.

(submitted by Debbie)


Behave yourselves, ladies.

(submitted by Chad)

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl

She was ready for her close-ups.

(submitted by Ashley)

Saturday Night Special: Lil’ Miss Claus

The most awkward time of the year is coming.

(submitted by Brandon)

Salon Style

It was his first blow-out.

(submitted by Ryland)

The Pacifist

Suck on this.

(submitted by Pete)


The frame is overdressed.

(submitted by Jean)