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The Honeymooners

“My grandparents stayed at the Virgin Island Hotel on their honeymoon. My grandma didn’t understand why my grandpa was telling her to pose her hands and legs in this specific manner.”

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Grandma’s Cough Medicine

“My buddy found this old ‘medicine’ in his grandma’s attic.”

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Grandma’s Grab

“Getting ready to take a memorable photo and grandma reaches for her granddaughter just then my uncle snaps the picture and it looks like she grabbing at her grandson. This is one for the books.”

(submitted by Michelle)

Rewriting History

“Always known for her unique brand of tact, my nan doctored this photograph from my christening by replacing my dad’s face with my sister’s. This was done after my parents’ divorce. Whenever I would ask my nan about this photo, she would say, ‘Your dad? No I don’t think he was there on that day.'”

(submitted by Lucy)

The Valley Of The Dolls

“A photo of my cousins I found at my grandma’s house.”

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Grandma Unplugged

“My grandma asked me to come downstairs to help with her phone because it wouldn’t charge.”

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Grandma Overboard

“My friend’s grandmother went white water rafting.”

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Grandma’s Gang

“This photo is of my grandma and all of her grandchildren. We COULD NOT get it together for a photo!”

(submitted by Alyson) 

The Bachelorettes

“In honor of my Grammy! This was my aunt’s bachelorette party! This picture has been in my grandparents’ hallway since 1989, and not only does my grandma look beautiful, my mom looks mortified. It’s hilarious and one of my favorites. I remember this guy showing up as a cop then my mom making all the kids go play in the back yard! I knew they were all up to something!”

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Grandma Camo

“Sometimes we lose my grandma.”

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