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Vest In Show

“My family in the 70s. Grandma crocheted these sweater vests for us.”

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The Balloon Effect

“My mom’s grandma in the 1960’s.”

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“My friends grandma went to get passport photos about 10 years ago but didn’t quite understand the photo booth and ended up with this gem.”

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Grandma Club

“This old picture of my great-grandmother, far left, makes it look like the cameraman just stumbled into a secret meeting of the grandmas.”

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Grandma’s Siesta

“This is my grandmother. She was known for falling asleep just about anywhere.”

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Ink Master

“While my husband was on a business trip, my mom took my second-born to the tattoo parlor. He clearly had questions about this decision.”

(submitted by Jenna)

Grandma Pumpkins

“My mother, without me knowing, staged this picture a little after a month my son was born. One of them looks happy. One does not.”

(submitted by Andrew)

The Final Cut

“This was the only picture found in my grandmothers wallet after she passed away. It’s my senior prom photo but at some point she cut off my ex boyfriend’s head and still carried it around. This was the laugh my family needed.”

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Grandma’s Galaxy Confession

“My grandma felt the need to clarify.”

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Wonder Bread

“My grandma used peanut butter and bread when she ran out of tape.”

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