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Now Ear This

“In 1994, I told my dad I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. He really came through.”

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“My mom was always good at making Halloween costumes no matter what I wanted to be. She asked 8 year old me what I wanted to be and I knew some other kids who were going as cigarette boxes so I said ‘a cigarette!” She got to work and made me a Marlboro, lit with ashes at the top. Needless to say, the school banned any cigarette related costumes the next year.”

(submitted by Sofia) 

Chest Press

“This is my bro, dressed  as a ‘chest of drawers’ – theses are actually my mums knickers pinned to his shirt!”

(submitted by Archer) 

Sharp Objects

“Florida, Halloween 1980. Me and my dad. My parents took a very liberal approach to the question of whether babies should be allowed to carve their own pumpkins.”

(submitted by IG @pandts)

Happy As A Clam

“My Halloween costume in 1992: spaghetti and clam sauce. There’s a big plexiglass fork on the side sticking up. My dad dribbled real clam juice all over me so no one would get too close at the middle school dance.”

(submitted by IG @chimericalwhip)

Bunny Ears

“As a toddler, my parents dressed me up as a Playboy Bunny for Halloween (Note the fake boobs and cuff links). To put it into perspective, I’m dressing my toddler up as an avocado for Halloween this year. The ‘80s were a weird time, man.”

(submitted by IG @newishcityhou)


“So in 3rd grade my dad dressed me up as the Y2K computer for Halloween.”

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Kool & The Gang

“Classic vintage Halloween picture from 1969. Sister as Raggedy Ann, brother as a pack of cigarettes and me as Bozo!”

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Pumpkin Spice

“We were taking our daughter to her first pumpkin patch and they had a little photoshoot set up that anyone could use. So we tried it and my brother was the ‘photographer’ since my daughter wasn’t cooperating he took a bunch of pictures just hoping for a good one! I think he nailed it! None of us were looking at the camera and my daughter wasn’t happy about any of it!”

(submitted by Chastity) 

Diaper Dandy

“Brother wanted to be Diaper Box circa 1990.”

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