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Always Elvira

“My Elvira costume when I was six. I insisted on it but my mother took it in a different direction. Like a six year old donning her first princess dress that she wears 24/7 as a second skin, I wore this well into June.”

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Uncle Jack

“Meet Uncle Jack, the goth uncle.”

(submitted by Jack)

Miss Piggy

“My parents used to put us through a lot when we were younger, but my sister as the pig definitely got it the worst.”

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The Scarecrow

“Let’s find the worst thing in the pic. My scared face? That mess of hair? The horrifying dress style or the scary pumpkin scarecrow wearing the tee shirt from the preschool?”

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Special Delivery

“My cousin gave birth on Halloween night. This was how her doc was dressed.”

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Tower Of Power

“My son wanted to be a water tower for Halloween. This is what my wife made.”

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Big Pimpin

“Halloween has always been a favorite holiday in our house. This year we decided to have sibling couples costumes. I was 12 and my brother was 9 and i still don’t know what my mother was thinking!”

(submitted by Natalie) 


Grandma Pumpkins

“My mother, without me knowing, staged this picture a little after a month my son was born. One of them looks happy. One does not.”

(submitted by Andrew)

Little Pumpkins

“We tried.”

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Like Mother Like Son

“Mom’s costume for Halloween.”


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