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Bird Is the Word

“The year everyone was an angel for Halloween but I insisted on being a toucan.”

(submitted by IG @_chloekelleher_)

Set For Life

“Nothing makes a pubescent girl feel cooler than a ‘properly set table’ Halloween costume. Let’s just say the costume did not fare well on the school bus.”

(submitted by IG @jeepersmiepers

Stuck in the Middle With Them

“Halloween, 1988. My mom made the clown costumes and did the make up. I still have not recovered.”

(submitted by IG @tacocatannatacocat)

Costume Collage

“Back in the 80s, being a single mom with 2 jobs and having to improvise a Halloween Costume with no budget wasn’t an easy task but my mom managed to pull it off. Luv u mom!”

(submitted by IG @claudiabatta

Justice League

“My parents took me to a Halloween autograph session with ‘Justice League’ superheroes. Now that I look at it 30 years later I find it quite creepy, particularly Spider-Man.”

(submitted by Paul)

Welcome to Pumpkin Land

“My brother at Pumpkin Land in the early 90s and Big Bird looks hungry.”

(submitted by IG @peanut_butter_jilly

Down To Clown

“Me, my twin brother, and my parents dressed up for Halloween (I think) in Caruthersville, MO approx 1983.

(submitted by IG @lamberak

Dirty Bird

“That was 3 year old me at a school Halloween party in the gym. And as far as I know, that was supposed to be Big Bird. And I’m still traumatized.”

(submitted by IG @ashley___walker)

The Fresno Funk

“Trying to have a good time on our pumpkin patch trip in Fresno but my daughter was just being herself and screaming her head off, as per yooj.”

(submitted by IG @hungryfloresita)

Our Little Pumpkin

“My 3 year old was very unhappy about his first preschool field trip even though it was to a fun pumpkin patch. He scowled at everyone and everything the entire time and was even madder after I coerced him to getting behind this pumpkin cut-out to take this picture… if looks could kill, I would have been dead immediately after taking this photo!”

(submitted by Angie)