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Justice League

“My parents took me to a Halloween autograph session with ‘Justice League’ superheroes. Now that I look at it 30 years later I find it quite creepy, particularly Spider-Man.”

(submitted by Paul)

Long Beach Miss Piggy

“Me and a really drunk looking Miss Piggy in Long Beach Island, 1982.”

(submitted by IG @furrevig

Pedestrian Crossing

“For the 1980 school fete in Derby, UK my mom had me dress up as a road sign.”

(submitted by Debra)


Off His Gourd

“First Halloween pics didn’t go as planned.”

(submitted by Mike) 

Pumpkin Spice

“We were taking our daughter to her first pumpkin patch and they had a little photoshoot set up that anyone could use. We tried it and my brother was the ‘photographer’ since my daughter wasn’t cooperating he took a bunch of pictures just hoping for a good one and I think he nailed it!”

(submitted by Chastity) 

Bubble Trouble

“I was a ‘bubble bath’ for Halloween in 2002.”

(submitted by IG @ericastormie)

The Parade Route

“I made a route map for my neighborhood golf cart parade… good ole family fun right?! Didnt even notice until after it was emailed… to the entire neighborhood. Legitimately- have always heard our neighborhood has a lot of swingers… now I know how they all knew where to move!”

(submitted by Adrienne)

Creep Show

“My brother and I Halloween 1974. Despite what you might think, neither one of us is demon possessed.”

(submitted by Stephanie)

Crappy Halloween

“Here is a picture of me and my younger brother on Halloween. My brother got sick and was not allowed to trick or treat. I was able to go and my brother was clearly not happy about it.”

(submitted by IG @kdesch)

Weenie Roast

“Every year on holiday my mum would make me dress up in a fancy dress competition. Here I am in the early 90’s, inside two sleeping bags… dressed as a ‘Hot Dog.’ As you can see I’m a good foot or so higher than the other contestants, making me at least 12 or 13… old enough to feel the utter embarrassment of being dressed as a massive sausage in a bun! It was also swelteringly hot inside.”

(submitted by IG @emm83