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Flower Potty

“That used toilet was once in our bathroom and instead of throwing it out, my mom decided it would make a great flower pot.”

(submitted by IG @miss_sunnybrook

Shred Cut

“The photo is myself, my brother, and my mom in Sacramento, 1987. I had that cut for about 2 years to identify as a skateboarder. I’m still skateboarding, and just celebrated 40 years since I started.”

(submitted by IG @hairball_1974)

Outback Chic

“We grew up in the Aussie country and my mum thought she was ‘trendy’. My older bro was only 11 and already taller than my mum. New Years Eve, 1987.”

(submitted by IG @juan_pablo_burrito


It Takes A Village

“The cat agreed with me that it’s exhausting raising a baby.”

(submitted by IG @funwithtotes)

Stay Golden

“I used to watch The Golden Girls a lot. When we showed up for pics at Glamor Shots, my mama let me pick one of the outfits. Blanche Devereaux would be so proud.”

(submitted by IG

Leg Man

“Dad was sure the church photo would only be taken from the waist up.”

(submitted by Becky)

Clown of Honor

“My mom’s friend dressed as a clown for my parents’ wedding day. Nobody knows why.”

(submitted by IG @ashmoorevt

The Crew

“My mom and her two sisters, circa 1990. Unclear why this picture was taken or why no one thought they could smile.”

(submitted by IG @lea.nderson)

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

“There was a WWE show at Penn State back in 1995, and this cutout was part of the promotion. My husband worked there so we got to bring home The Undertaker to the delight of our two oldest kids and the confusion of our youngest.”

(submitted by IG @kristaweidner

Just For Fun

“My sister and her kids came to visit from New Zealand and we thought Calaway Park would be fun.”

(submitted by Kaley)