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Salon de Mom

“My mom said she could cut my hair. She did. Two days later were yearbook pictures.”

(submitted by Mark) 

Coke Classic

“Me and my overly attentive mom in the early 80s.”

(submitted by IG @stefanieintn

Long Distance Dedication

“Mother’s Day with my gorgeous boys. You can see how much my youngest enjoyed his walk (hint: he’s behind us.)”

(submitted by IG @sarahclarkesomerset

The Runaway Stroller

“This is from the spring of 1977 so I’m 3 years old and we’re at the Houston Zoo. I’m the one in the runaway stroller. My mom is the frightened woman in the red and white top realizing my stroller was rolling off and evidently, my dad took this picture as he was walking up. I don’t remember the incident so I must have come away from it unscathed.”

(submitted by Elaine)

The Mustache Above

“Apparently they decided to let my dad have an out of body experience for our super cheesy photo shoot.”

(submitted by Sheri) 

The Donkey Dilemma

“My mother booked a photoshoot because she wanted special pictures of us three children with a cute donkey. But whatever she tried my little brother would not go near the donkey let alone sit on it. My sister and I obviously had fun watching her endeavors.”

(submitted by Bettina) 

Rat Tales

“My mom and our pet rat, Sugar.”

(submitted by IG @outrageousopenness)

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Sink

“My adorable son was a wee bit chubby as a baby.”

(submitted by IG @pclarke_)

Blowing Up

“Glamour shots from the late 80s with me, my sister, and our mom.”

(submitted by IG @karenjune427

Teletubbies Uh Oh

“My mother and I went out to meet some friendly characters in Mar del Plata, Argentina.”

(submitted by IG @rrodrimoyano