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Let’s Bounce

“The entrance to this bounce house, displayed by my mother.”

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“Apparently Mom didn’t get the memo that everyone was supposed to make a funny face!”

(submitted by Amber)

National Treasure

“My mom didn’t answer my call today. Texted asking what she was up to, and this is the photo she sent back.”

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Lost In Translation

“My French mom got me these boxers because she knows I love camping.”

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The Delivery Room Selfie

“I had a medicated pregnancy and my husband dutifully took pictures the entire time. This is when they started to sew me up and apparently the most opportune time to take a selfie.”

(submitted by Jill) 

The Man In The Bushes

“I’ve been scanning old Kodachrome slides and I thought this was just a nice photograph of my mother among the magnolias. Then I realized it was a double exposure and a pretty creepy one! That’s my eldest brother peering over her shoulder.”

(submitted by Amelia) 

Amish Without A Cause

“My mom was Amish in the 90s. Apparently when this picture was taken she was in trouble with the church for breaking off three engagements.”

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Personal Shopper

“How my mom ‘shops’ online.”

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The Leftovers

“My brother labeled our Christmas leftovers so we could differentiate between our food and the dog’s. My mom gasped when she opened the fridge.”

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The Anteater

“Just my mom with her anteater, Claude.”

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