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Two Is The Loneliest Number

“When it dawns on you that you aren’t the only child anymore.”

(submitted by IG @kortney_alexis_k

Sharing Is Caring

“This is my mum and her friend sharing me.”

(submitted by IG @ariez_art)

Direct Hit

“When my son hopped on the bed and his elbow nailed me right on my c-section incision.”

(submitted by IG @bl.squared

Glammed Up

“The day my Mom and sister got glamour shots.”

(submitted by Kurt)

The Inauguration

“My dad was a judge for many years. This was taken at his first inauguration. I was not in the mood for yet another picture and REALLY had to pee. The look on my mom’s face says it all. Through clenched teeth she was probably saying something like, ‘Get your GD hands out of your privates!'”

(submitted by Virginia)

Tour De Force

“I took our girls to see their dad on tour. It went well.”

(submitted by IG @britainleigh and IG @ajfftg)

Easter Casual

“It was Easter Sunday and my mother had picked out our outfits: my brother had his pale yellow suit on looking very lost and I had on my white dress and HUGE bonnet.”

(submitted by Sawnie) 

Possum In Residence

“A possum took up residence in our garage and my dad (naturally) felt like we should have a family photo with it while my mom looked like she was questioning all of her life decisions.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Mini Me

“This is me looking at a cloth doll version of myself someone gifted me as a baby…I still wonder who thought this would be a good idea because it’s not creepy at all.”

(submitted by IG @veranomura


Welcome To The Jungle

“Every year, my family did themed Christmas photos. I asked my mom about submitting this one to AFP and she told me ‘No, our pictures aren’t awkward.'”

(submitted by IG @case_stace_