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Always best to schedule your photo shoots on the days you don’t have a black eye.

(submitted by Molly)

In The Closet

“My mom and dad sniffing the closet to see if it smelled like smoke…”

(submitted by Nichole)


The doctor did tell her that she was fertile.

(submitted by Janice)

June 28, 2013, 8:19 pm

Graveyard Shift

Caption Winner: Mourning the loss of her Hyman.

(submitted by Brian Macinanti)


Iguana Sex You Up

It isn’t just birds and bees.

(via todaysplanet)

Iguana Hold Your Hand

Read their lips– not photoshopped.

(via todaysplanet)

Royal Flush

Are these your cards?

(submitted by Janine)

Brain Freeze

Somewhere out there is a proud parent.

(via source)

Bring The Heat

“This is a picture of my cousin– Little Heatmiser.”

(submitted by Tanner)