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Tube Tops

“This is a portrait of me and my mom taken at the local Woolworth’s in the late 70’s. My mom thought it would be cute to take photos in our tube tops. I posted this pic on FB as it’s always been one of my favorites; I thought it was so sweet. Two weeks ago, a friend saw it on FB and suggested that it could be a contender for your site. I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF THE PHOTO IN THAT LIGHT, but now that I see what others see, I can’t stop laughing.”

(submitted by Ruth)

The Great Divide

There are two sides to every story.

(submitted by Samantha)


It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

(submitted by Grace)

Night Of The Living Dead

Halloween was never the same.

(submitted by Joan)


Let’s just say she’s a fan.

(submitted by Rae)



Free shipping.

(submitted by Candice)

Clown Funeral

“Visiting my Grandfather’s grave in 1997. I’m the one looking in the camera, hoping my Mother’s clown gene is recessive.”

(submitted by Celeste)


The only thing to fear is fear itself… and this particular clown.

(submitted by Marty)

You Light Up My Life

So, that’s where you’ve been hiding it.

(submitted by Christian)

Wrist Rocket

It also works as an anklet.

(submitted by Dino)