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A reminder to never go to bed angry.

(submitted by Renae)

Saturday Night Special: Embrace Me

Everybody needs to be held.

(submitted by Tara)

Panty Shot

Some dogs have no class.

(submitted by Aaron)

Double D

Apparently, good things come in small and big packages.

(submitted by Natalie)

Charlie Brown

This family decided to color-coordinate with the dog.

(submitted by Keith)


This cat didn’t want to pull a “hammy.”

(submitted by Alicia)

Honey Bunnies

Those two are like a couple of rabbits.

(submitted by Carly)


The one-two punch ladies fear the most.

(submitted by Kelsey)


To finally getting the respect you deserve in ’11. Happy New Years from AFPP!

The Gallery

He gives them six months. Tops.

(submitted by Anthony)