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Shoulder Candy

Yet another sign of global warming.

(submitted by Sophie)

The Assistant

A real man knows when to ask for directions.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Xmas Surprise

You never know what you might find in the tinsel.

(submitted by Kristen)

Petting Zoo

We’ll let you caption this one.

(submitted by Jeff)

Vested Interest

Never wear llama to a llama party.

(submitted by Melissa)

Seeing Red

This monkey resented the hand-me-downs.

(submitted By David)

SNS Pet-A-Likes: Distant Cousins

Alex was shocked to discover that he was part llama.

(submitted by Stephanie)


You can’t blame him for being confused.

(submitted by Kris)


You can lead a horse to a carrot…

(submitted by Catherine)

Embrace Me 2

That’ll do, human.

(submitted by Scott)