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Blue Kitty

“I think my cat may be depressed.”

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Shh, It’s Over

“My dog was done with my girlfriend.”

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Hole In The Door

“My dog wanted to see what the cats are up to downstairs.”

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My Uncle And Mr. T

“This is my uncle from Idaho, drinking a beer with Mr. T, aka his pet raccoon. They had many good times over the years.”

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Just The Three Of Us

“My favorite picture from our engagement session.”

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The Lion’s Den

“Me and a baby mountain lion, 1987.”

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“My pitbull is terrified of thunder. Every day she gets more creative about hiding places.”

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Hump Day

“My sister is getting into photography and recently took a trip to Africa. I told her to just quit now because she’ll never top this moment.”

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The Dogipede

“My aunt’s dog walked through a panoramic shot, and was reborn.”

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The Stand In

“Baby due any day now. Getting some last minute practice in.”

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