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Rat Tales

“My mom and our pet rat, Sugar.”

(submitted by IG @outrageousopenness)

Puppy Love

“Me and my dogs.”

(submitted by Steve)

Quality Time

“Caught my husband having some VERY important daddy/son time.”

(via source)

Three’s Company

“Meet Susie the pug. Tiger the poodle. And Sam the…skunk.”

(submitted by Teya)

Second Coat

“My dog shedded enough hair to make a second dog.”

(via source)

The Litter

“One pet turned into 14 quickly.  All are under 2 years old! They’re very well behaved, which is our saving grace.”

(submitted by Troy)


“I love my dog but I don’t know if he feels quite the same way.”

(via source)


“My dog is trying to scare me to death.”

(via source)

Man’s Best Friend

“My friend’s dog looks like it has a human face.”

(via source)

Party Of Five

“Guess which one is me?”

(submitted by Ruby)