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Armed and Endangered

“My aunt and uncle in the mid 80’s.”

(submitted by Dominic)

The Truth About Cats And Dogs

“Me and our dog and my wife and our cat.”

(via source)

Pretty In Plaid

“I ordered my Great Dane, Augie a plaid shirt for fall and I loved it so much that I tried to recreate the look for myself. I decided in my next life I’m coming back as my dog.”

(submitted by Ciera) 

Private Eyes

“My dad didn’t want us to get a dog at first. I found this picture in his room.”

(via source)

The Glamorous Life

“Happy anniversary to the worst picture anyone has ever taken of my dog.”

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Space Invader

“The amount of room in the bed that my parents give to our dog seems excessive.”

(via source)

There’s A Monkey In The Shower

“My husband showering with our monkey (Tasha).”

(submitted by Shannon)

Lady Lick

“My friend’s dog sneaking its tongue into his mouth while he was laughing.”

(via source)

Love Bite

“Apparently my cat doesn’t like selfies.”

(via source)

Cat In The Headlights

“My and my cat Lila having our photo done whilst she wishes she were far far away. A typical mother/teenage daughter dynamic I feel.”

(submitted by Naomi)