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Celebrate With Dad

“Saw this at the grocery store. I hope it was a mistake.”

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Tour De Fail

“I was caught with a slight ‘drinking problem’ at my triathlon.”

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Look Into Her Eyes

“My friends baby shower cake. The eyes were cut out of a newspaper and still haunt me to this day.”

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Pregnancy 101

“Now that’s one fully formed baby!”

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“My sister tried to buy a mirror on Craigslist. No picture was included in the listing so she asked the guy to send her one. She was not disappointed.”

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The Bonus Ingredient

“My sister ordered takeout. I guess this was their only empty box for transporting.”

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Medal Of Honor

“Going through my wrestling awards from Jr. High and realized that I won the bronze in scissoring.”

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Antiques Roadshow

“My parents collect old stuff and my dad just came home with this. Do I tell them?”

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“My father made this really nice landscaping in his front yard! And then he stood back and realized what he had done.”

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Hole In The Wall

“My lamp spells ‘Anal’ on the wall.”

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