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School Photos

Style & Profile

“This is my little sister on picture day. I remember she did not want curls in her hair that morning. The profile says it all.”

(submitted by Sara)

On A Limb

“Here’s my gem of a senior high school photo, 1982.”

(submitted by Brian)

MMMBop Photo Op

“This is me, when I was totally obsessed with Hanson. I was 11 years old and I had to get a special permission note from my mom so I could show off my beloveds in the photograph.”

(submitted by IG @lindylooper

Man Down

“These are my three boys and this was a professional shoot as a gift for my in-laws. The photographer was very swift, but not fast enough for my youngest son. I love this gem but my mother-in-law hated its imperfection.”

(submitted by IG @nicolefromholland

Skater Girl

“This was the gem of my high school senior picture portfolio. At the time, the effect was cutting edge. Now I like to tell my kids that I had to skate really fast to look that dumb.”

(submitted by Ronda) 

Bang Time

“So this was taken in 1988 for my kindergarten picture day. My mom hand picked this shirt/tie combo but I’m not sure of the story behind my hair.”

(submitted by IG @notthatmikepence


“I took my 2002 Senior Year with my bird, Jeff. It made the yearbook. Ten years later, I caught him reflecting on our long history. Sentimentality in its truest form.”

(submitted by Anthony)


“My Mom let me pick out my clothes for picture day. I even took a pair of her earrings to tie together my all red outfit. I wasn’t thinking when I picked my shirt. The camera cut off at the exact wrong point.”

(submitted by Gina) 

Air Junior

“This is my little brother’s fourth grade class photo. Our elementary school decided to change things up a bit for picture day that year… and well, this was the result.”

(submitted by IG @tamsinvidal)

Pin Head

“This is my senior photo from 1992. The juggling clubs were my idea. Unfortunately my parents supported the idea.”

(submitted by Jason)