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School Photos

Big Crimpin’

“This is my 2nd grade school picture from 1989. I actually still own that crimper.”

(submitted by Lee Ann)

The Test Subject

“My mother was studying to be a hairdresser in the 80s and  I was her victim throughout my class photos.”

(submitted by Karine) 

Laser Phase

“Me and my little brother in pre-school, late 80s.”

(submitted by IG @known_terroirist)

Denim On Denim

This is me in 1997/98 school photo, the mushroom cut with the Canadian tuxedo picture has followed me ever since.

(submitted by IG @thetomshow13)  

Beanie Baby Bonanza

“My wife’s senior picture.”

(submitted by IG @mmbackpacker)

Background Noise

“1994. My 4th grade school photo. It’s the background for me.”

(submitted by IG @indy__andi)

Star Power

“My dad’s senior picture from ’89.”

(submitted by IG @peyt0nrichards)

Number 2

“This is a picture of my sister-in-law. Why did the photographer think this was a good idea? Why did her mom decide to order the pictures?”

(submitted by Laura)

There’s Something About Lottie

“When I was in 6th grade, my two older sisters were popular and had big hair, and I was an awkward kid so I thought I’d be cool for a day. I went to town on the Aquanet hairspray. I used almost half a can to get this Big Bang as tall as I could. The photographer literally had to take a step back to fit my hair in the school photo and i really don’t know how he kept a straight face. I shared this on Instagram once and couldn’t even fit it in the crop.”

(submitted by IG @lottie.lillian)

The All-In-One

“For my school photo I was sporting every hairstyle known to man all in one haircut.”

(submitted by IG @ageofdanger