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School Photos


“My grade 1 photo taken after my mother convinced me chicken pox can be cured with a bowl cut.”

(submitted by IG @charlenevoss

Salon de Mom

“My mom said she could cut my hair. She did. Two days later were yearbook pictures.”

(submitted by Mark) 


“My nephew’s first picture day. He tried so hard to have the perfect smile. Instead he looks like he has dead bodies in his freezer.”

(submitted by Brandon)

Pixie Pics

“I was obsessed with pixy sticks in high school and decided to showcase my favorite candy for my school photo. I literally always had them on me and the sugar high got me through those crazy days.

(submitted by Laura) 

As If

“It was bring your favorite thing to school picture day at our tiny middle school in Virginia. I, being a 14-year-old girl, loved being on the phone. It made perfect sense to me to bring along my totally awesome clear phone with me. I had my shades and my ridiculous bangs, and I was ready for my close-up. Too cool for school!”

(submitted by Kasey) 

Smells Like Tween Spirit

“I have no explanation for this photo. Nor for my somewhat over-sized Kurt Cobain t-shirt, or why I’m the oldest child in the room. The other kids look a little scared. Very odd.”

(submitted by Mike)

Bang Bang

“I cut my best friend’s bangs in fourth grade, right before picture day. Miraculously, we’re still friends.”

(submitted by Molly)


“I rocked the Wilson Phillips short bowl haircut for awhile, but that wasn’t enough to express myself. So, I permed it. This is my third grade school picture. I have no idea why there are fireworks.”

(submitted by Molly)

I Go For The Wings

“My cousin told me Hooters was a donut shop.”

(submitted by Michael) 

Cabbages Of Our Lives

“This was my Senior Picture and my mom thought it would be a great idea to pose with some of my Cabbage Patch collection of dolls. For some reason, I decided to go with the SULTRY look. The rest is history as you can see!!!”

(submitted by Jennifer)