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School Photos

Number 2

“This is a picture of my sister-in-law. Why did the photographer think this was a good idea? Why did her mom decide to order the pictures?”

(submitted by Laura)

The Triangle

“My mother got her hairdresser diploma in 1987. I was a poor innocent victim of her experiments. I guess she put a billiard triangle around my head and put in some hairspray.”

(submitted by Karine)

Fit To Be Tied

“My Mamaw gave my Uncle Greg strict instructions not to untie his tie for picture day. He didn’t listen. And then couldn’t remember how to tie it back.”

(submitted by IG @kycakemaker

90s Kid

“My daughter, 6th grade, age 12 with all of her favorite things. Dennis Rodman jersey, JNCO jeans, her violin, picture of Hanson and her weird little stuffy dog/bear.”

(submitted by IG @mermaid12chel

Woke Up Like This

“Yes, this is my freshman year photo. And yes, my parents demanded a reshoot.”

(submitted by IG @joshbarlas

Got Goth?

“1991 High school Graduation photo. I was goth. Can you tell? All of the kids got 2 sets of photos, one with and one without the cap and gown. I refused to wear the cap for either photo. It didn’t fit anyway.”

(submitted by IG @_michelemelcher_)

The Rookie

“My nephew’s school photo from last year.”

(submitted by Angie)

Keyboard Cat

“I played keyboard in elementary school band and school photos were sometimes full of the rock and roll that comes with the territory.”

(submitted by Patrick)

Batman Forever

“My brother, Chris’s 1998 senior picture. He really loved Batman.”

(submitted by IG @casmith417

Boy Story

“I was a collector of many things through my high school career, and I thought it would be cool to take my senior pictures with my Toy Story collection.”

(submitted by Nathan)