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Solo Shots

Holy Mullet

“Church directory photo circa 1991 I don’t know what’s more awkward- the leaning back look over the shoulder pose or the hair.”

(submitted by IG @amberaber

Background Energy

“1991 was a wild time to be alive. I may not have had any control over how my mother styled those bangs but I did have control over that sweet, sweet portrait background choice. Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with my teeth.”

(submitted by IG @titty_mcboobles_

Power Pose

“Unfortunately, it’s me. I took dance in high school. Don’t regret taking dance, just the picture.”

(submitted by Jeremy)


The Curlet

“I wish someone had told my mother you shouldn’t brush curly hair. I give you: the curly mullet. Outfit/wall clash, an added bonus.”

(submitted by IG @llamaface05

Why I Don’t Sleep

“Me, sophomore year in high school in 2002.”

(submitted by IG @djcflo

The Two-For-One

“Me in 1988 at 9 yrs old. Permed mullets rock.”

(submitted by IG @hawkeye_girl11

Power Suit Pam

“My mother, Pam, prided herself on always keeping in style with her office wear. Here is 1992 Power Suit Pam.”

(submitted by Caroline) 

Reindeer Games

“We went for a family portrait when I was nine and the photographer thought this would be a great addition to the shoot.”

(submitted by IG @kktheunicorn

These Are Some Of My Favorite Things

“This was my senior picture in 1998.”

(submitted by IG @kmichel_actor_voiceover_artist)

Over It

“I’m about 3 in this picture. It was taken for the church directory. From an early age, I was already over it.”

(submitted by Jessica)