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Solo Shots

Hands On

“My son’s school picture. I don’t know what’s worse, his expression, or the hand creeping in behind him. Needless to say, retakes were done.”

(submitted by IG @mitchellmaryann)

Semi Perm

“We live in a rural super small town in central Illinois. My Aunt who had moved to the ‘big city’ (Chicago) went to beauty school. She came home to visit with her home perm set. We were all impressed.. She set it up in our kitchen and permed me, my mom and my 3 siblings. I had the longest hair so she just did my bangs. Mullets weren’t even a thing yet!”

(submitted by Devin) 


“My mom thought it would be funny to dress her son as ‘Frank-n-swine’ for Halloween. She was right. 1989.”

(submitted by IG @scottypectol)

The Ultra Mullet

“Glad my wife changed hairstyles since then.”

(via source)

Every Picture Tells A Story

“Normally my son takes great school pictures. This year he did not deliver. Needless to say we did not purchase the pictures.”

(submitted by Leah)

Three Kates

“This is my friend Kate. I recovered this picture from helping her move a few years ago and with her permission am sending to you. 80’s Kate is fond of books, sitting and perms.”

(submitted by Kristi)

Rose Bud

“Just one of the many photos from my first baby photo shoot.”

(submitted by IG @madeleinedianatriplow)


“My 1981 high school yearbook photo with perm and Spiderman glasses.”

(via IG @marlenecroton

Far From Home

“It was 2005. Mum had me do a Spider-Man photoshoot.”

(via source)

The Starfish

“I knew I was cool and that was all that mattered.”

(via source)