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May I Have This Dance?

“It was the girl scout father-daughter dance and my dad was not happy about having to go.”

(submitted by IG @jillrbailey101


“My mother wanted me to have unique senior photos that reflected my personality. You have already proudly displayed my pic with my face wrapped in a feather boa with my cat but I think this horse pic is more awkward.”

(submitted by Paige)

Wreath Hair

“This photo was in 2016 of my husband and I with our son for his homecoming dance. I posted this on my social media and so many people were trying to figure out what I did to my hair and I had no idea why. I finally realized I had ‘wreath hair.'”

(submitted by IG @aumom318

Troll Hunter

“Senior pictures with my troll doll collection, circa 1993.”

(submitted by IG @cambenny

Modern Art

“I thought buying the power washer would be a good way for my fifteen year old son to help out around the house.”

(submitted by IG @dtmontante

Puka Power

“1976 8th grade pic. Everyone wanted the Puka shells.”

(submitted by Mark) 


“This is a photo of myself (mom) and my family, minus our oldest daughter, who wouldn’t be caught dead in this photo.”

(submitted by Tricia)

Pollocked And Loaded

“My wife in the fourth grade and not really sure i understand where the photographer was going with this. Spilled the paint? Who cares when you’re chilling on a ladder looking rad.”

(submitted by IG @slowmotorbike

Glam Cat

“This is me when I was 17. Taken at Glamour Shots in the mall. I thought it was normal to include my cat in all of my pictures.”

(submitted by IG @1lungstrong)

Senior Chic

“My husband’s senior picture from 1991, complete with his mother’s on-point scrapbooking.”

(submitted by IG @pistolapequena)