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Painted Love

“My mom just texted me this to remind me how proud she is that I don’t look like this anymore. I thought the painted on jersey was a great idea at the time.”

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Slip Of The Gladiator

“One of the American Gladiators visited my boyfriend’s high school in the 90’s.”

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Fallen Angel

“My husband’s high school goth/emo photoshop phase is an untapped goldmine. Dear goodness.”

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“This is a very real thing that happened once in the late 90s. You’re welcome, internet.”

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Tron Legacy

“I really thought matching my clothes to the background I selected was gonna be cool forever.”

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Goth Prom

“I was in an intense goth phase during high school. 1998.”

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Three Style

“My hubby’s bad hair in high school. This photos surfaces every now and then.”

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Shell Game

“New Orleans 1997. Let’s just say I was a shell of the man I am today.”

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Just A Teenage Girl!

“I think my Mom purposely picked this theme and layout to embarrass me.”

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“This was taken at my mom’s surprise 75th birthday tea party. We didn’t notice the sign behind her head when we took the picture.”

(submitted by Rebekah)