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Tick Tick Boom

“My husband and I decided to compile childhood pictures for a slideshow to have at our wedding reception and when going through his stack of photos, nothing could have prepared me for this gem. And to my surprise, he thought it was an awesome picture and wondered why I was laughing so hard.”

(submitted by Rebeka)

Student Driver

“I had just gotten my permit and was doing a test drive at my grandparents house and I slammed into their garage.”

(submitted by IG @mirandastokes1234

Barn Burner

“My senior picture. We wanted to show the bond between Grandma and granddaughter.”

(submitted by Jessica) 

Star Wars Struck

“This is a photo of my mom taken back when she was 16. Let’s just say she’s a Star Wars fan.”

(submitted by Rae)


Model Moment

“When I was 12, my mom signed me up for a modeling class to improve my posture and self-confidence. This is where my modeling career began…and ended.”

(submitted by IG @theeniferlynn

Canal Market

“Was looking through some senior photos when I noticed this gem. A great picture was made absolutely perfect.”

(submitted by IG @tallonmount)

Shoot Your Shotput

“I really don’t understand why people say the junior high years are so awkward.”

(submitted by IG @carolynlucilek


“I had been bugging my son about getting his quote done for the yearbook before the deadline. He seemed to be ignoring me so I gave him some advice about what not to do. Apparently he listened this time!”

(submitted by Andrea) 

Pin-Up Girls

“This is me and my best friend doing our glamour shot photo at the mall where they literally pinned our hair together.”

(submitted by IG @shanalanadingdong444

Beanie Lady

“My 1998 senior photo. Could any other photo describe the Beanie Baby craze better!?!?”

(submitted by IG @michimadeboutique, IG @hippiemommyofseven)