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Family Portrait

Nothing But Aquanet

“The women in my family went through a lot of hairspray in the 80’s.”

(via source)

Glam Squad

“This is as 1988 as it gets.”

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New Wave

“This is the only baby photo I have.”

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Grand Old Time

“The grandparents had paid for a photoshoot with all their grandchildren in one photo. This was the best they could get. It’s a family treasure.”

(submitted by Claire) 

The Double Bird

“I ruined every shot in this photoshoot. Some had the finger barely popping out, one photo featured just one middle finger and in others I was proudly flipping off in full force. The photographer didn’t say a word to my parents.”

(submitted by Hillary)

Sunday Best

“This picture is of me and my two siblings after church on Easter Sunday…when we got home, we decided to wake Dad up and have him take family pictures with us. This is how it ended.”

(submitted by Fiona)

Checkered Past

“This picture is from 1991. Going to the Indy 500 parade. People actually offered my husband money for his pants.”

(submitted by Heidi)

Snot Shot

“My friend paid to get a nice family portrait done.”

(via source)

Public Displays Of Affection

“During our annual holiday family photo shoot, we wanted to recreate a cute one we got last year when Tommy was just a baby. It didn’t quite turn out like we hoped it would….”

(submitted by Amy, photography by Laura Parker/Happily Ever Parker)

It Happens

“Newborn photo shoot and the 4 -day-old baby poos on his dad!”

(submitted by Erin)