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Family Portrait

Peace & Joy

“We were trying to get a family photo including our two friendly chocolate labs.”

“(submitted by Kate)

Clowns To The Left Of Me

“This is from New Orleans, Mardi Gras Day 1979 at 7:00am. My mother made these terrifying costumes and my sister and I were already crying. Dad was also already drinking.”

(submitted by IG @edneg22)

Read The Room

“When you just had your third baby in four years and all you get is bunny ears.”

(submitted by IG @jillienj715)


Collage Education

“In the 1980s families purchased these picture collages. We have two full sets and it seems matching fisherman knit sweaters and perms were required for our photoshoots.”

(submitted by IG @makeuphag

Stranger Danger

“I don’t remember taking this photo but I do remember that my parents had a few to choose from that year and this was the one they liked the best.”

(submitted by Erik) 

Family In The Raw

“When your amazing artist Dad says you’re taking a family photo and his photographer friend is going to shoot it, you do it with no question. Oh, and Dad wants it to be unique so it will be in black and white. And we will appear shirtless. He’s the artist, so he knows best, right?

This is the first (and only) time this photo has hit the light of day.

Note: There is this group photo and we each took individual photos. Each print is 18″ x 24″ in size.

Enjoy, cruel world.”

(submitted by Raquel)

Down To Clown

“Me, my twin brother, and my parents dressed up for Halloween (I think) in Caruthersville, MO approx 1983.

(submitted by IG @lamberak

Eagle Eyes

“I nicknamed this photo “The Stare” because of my aunt’s look of “a deer caught in the headlights.” It’s obvious that she is not reacting to the photographer, as her two sons (my cousins) are both smiling pleasantly at the photographer. Regardless, you certainly wouldn’t want to challenge my aunt to a staring contest.”

(submitted by Jenny)

Mommy’s Little Goth

“Back when my mom loved me enough to still want pictures with me even though I looked like a dart board.”

(submitted by IG @mjwatson_79


“My Mom and my sister were taking photos for her high school senior luncheon. My sister wanted to do something different rather than just stand next to each other. So, she came up with this. And everyone definitely remembered it!”

(submitted by Kelsey)